Your Health is your greatest Wealth in Santa Rosa, California

The Two areas that Estate Planning covers are Asset Management and Healthcare. Managing your Healthcare takes priority because your health is priceless.

Healthcare Directive

Healthcare directives are simply directions written by you that convey desired and specific directions for medical treatment, the refusal of medical treatment, and the appointment of an agent or your personal medical advocate. Directions for medical treatment that YOU spell out for all first reponder care givers are in regards to pain comfort, facilities and care givers, do not resistate orders(DNR) and pallative and hospice care. The directive are YOUR specific orders so that the burden does not fall on a family member and you can die with the respect and dignity that you deserve. Refusal of Medical Treatment will occur when certain circumstances occur. The most likely event is when you are in a state that there is no possible chance of recovery. This state requires the confirmation of attending two physicians. The appointment of an agent or medical advocate is a trusted person that has your best interest at heart and mainly makes sure that your wishes that YOU spelled out in your Healthjcare Directive are carried out. They are also there to deal with any circumstance that falls outside your Healthcare Directive. It is impossible to deal with every circumstance that might become an issue so it is imperative for YOUR agent to “speak” for you and to be an advocate for the care that is best for you and for what you want.

At the Law Office of James A. Zakasky, we run you through a complete Healthcare Management assessment that will include Emergency Cards so that your Healthcare Directive will not only be used but followed.

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