What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

What does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

A Good Estate Planning Attorney Does these things:

  1. He meets with you to get an assessment of your personal situation. He does an inventory of your assets. Using your personal information he recommends the right vehicle:
  1. Living Trust
  2. Stand Alone Retirement Trust
  3. Special Needs Trust
  4. General Needs Trust
  5. Charitable Remainder Trust
  6. Qualified Personal Residence Trust
  7. Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
  1. He meets with you to Design a plan that meets your Healthcare needs. Health Directives and Living Will strategies are discussed so that you will be treated in the best possible manner in the case of a medical emergency.
  2. He meets with you to execute all of your Estate Planning documents. All documents must be executed in order for them to work which means they need to be Notarized and Asset properties need to be named or funded. Without this step your documents are worthless.
  3. He stays in communication with you to make sure that the current law works with your Estate Plan and that all information about your case stays current.

At the Law Office of James A. Zakasky we do an extensive interview to make sure that all the contingencies are carefully designed into your Estate Plan. We fund your trust and make sure that all of your property is properly placed in your plan. We have a continuous relationship so that if any changes in the law or your particular situation are dealt with and updated so that your assets and more importantly you and your loved ones are taken care of. Our office givers special attention at Asset Protection giving you shelter from Creditors, Tax, State of California and Divorce.

Call or email us directly with any questions or to set up an interview to get your Estate Plan started today

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