The Cost Of Parental Care in Santa Rosa California. The role is reversed, the child must care for the parent.

The Cost of 24/7 Care in Northern California – The Child cares for the Parent

The more you want to avoid the problem the more serious the consequences. I never thought that we would be in this situation but I found myself as the care taker of my parent. I always saw my Dad as the strong one, the one that offers timely advice, helps with the care of my son and helps fix all the mechanical stuff that I am totally inept at. And then it happened, out of nowhere a brain tumor and two months later he needs 24/7 care at my house.

The Cost of Care

Medicare does not provide for in home 24/7 care. It must come out of either your pocket as the family member or out of the pocket of the person that needs the care. In our situation, my Father did not grasp the fact that he needed the care, nor did he grasp the fact that we as a family could not provide 24-hour care. At a minimum 24-hour care costs over one thousand dollars a week. This does not include the increased cost of food, utilities and medical equipment required to make your home acceptable for this type of care. Overall, in home care probably runs about 75K per year.

Quality of Care

When you spend the minimum cost of care standards go down and you probably do not have a nurse but rather a lay person that is only reliant on their past experiences of doing this type of care.  Our experience has been very positive with our caregivers but you must set standard expectations for care and work with your at home nurse to make sure that everyone is on board when it comes to caring for a parent at home.

Estate Planning is key

To make sure that your parent receives the care they deserve make sure that a Durable Power of Attorney is in Effect and that an Advanced Health Care Directive has been prepared with an updated Emergency Card for first responders. With the proper planning in place your parent will receive the care they want and deserve and you will not be devastated financially in the process.

The Law Office of James A. Zakasky provides Estate Plans that assist with their care and provide solutions that take advantage of Government Benefits without draining Families Financially.

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