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What is an Estate Plan?

An Estate Plan does three things:

  • It effectively transfers all your assets, Home, Bank Accounts, Retirement Plans and Personal Possessions to your Beneficiaries the way you want it to be distributed and managed.
  • It effectively transfers all of your rights if you become incapacitated and gives directions on how you want your assets managed for you and your families benefit. It also gives instructions for your medical providers on how you want to be treated in the case of an emergency.
  • It effectively does 1 and 2 without the interference of the State of California and keeps matters more private and out of the public eye. It also avoids unnecessary legal and court fees and speeds up the transfer process so that your spouse and children can get the help they need.

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At the Law Office of James A. Zakasky we do an extensive interview to make sure that all the contingencies are carefully designed into your Estate Plan. We fund your trust and make sure that all of your property is properly placed in your plan. We have a continuous relationship so that if any changes in the law or your particular situation are dealt with and updated so that your assets and more importantly you and your loved ones are taken care of. Our office givers special attention at Asset Protection giving you shelter from Creditors, Tax, State of California and Divorce.

Call or email us directly with any questions or to set up an interview to get your Estate Plan started today.

Estate Planning

Most people do not want to leave their loved ones shaken and confused after their death. However, this is frequently the case, as many Californians tend to put off planning their estates until the last possible moment. Attorney James A. Zakasky helps families in all stages of life to take control of their legacies, ensuring that their loved ones have clear instructions and secured inheritances.


Losing someone is never easy, but the pain is made so much worse when family members and debt collectors begin to fight for a piece of your loved one’s estate. Even worse the idea of going to court and hiring an Attorney can be very overwhelming. “My approach is to make sure my clients understand the process each step of the way and I handle the courts the creditors and the taxman. I really try to make sure I understand my clients needs and then move a s quickly as possible to accomplish those needs.” Attorney James A. Zakasky can provide the guidance you need to sail smoothly through probate, ensuring your loved one’s wishes are respected and that you receive the assets you were promised as quickly as possible.

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