James Zakasky

Every Human Being will experience a crisis in their life.

My job begins when the crisis hits. As your Attorney, I make sure that your family does not self-destruct at the passing or disability of a loved one. My family is my whole world and everything revolves around them and I want to ensure that if anything were to happen to me that their financial and emotional needs would be taken care of. I believe that most people think that way. For that reason I decided to dedicate my career to helping families not only plan their future but actually having a resource to be there when the situation arises to get them through and carry on successfully.

I went through this with my own family and the last thing you want to do is try and figure what to do when someone dies. My passion lies in making sure that we take care of your family situation so that personal and financial goals are realized, that your legacy is protected from creditors, the courts and estate taxes. In order to accomplish this I am dedicated to keeping you informed, staying in contact and being your dedicated resource to ensure that your Family is taken care of.

Our practice primary goal is understanding your situation, giving you options so that you will have the right control of your property and making sure that control passes on to the person you want to receive it. In order to achieve our goal we must have a continual relationship that does not end when you receive your estate plan. We keep in contact with you to make sure that any changes are updated to your plan. This includes the birth of children, the birth of grandchildren and the marriage of children. By constantly updating your plan, you stay in control and protect the financial and emotional needs of your family.
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